Getting Started

1. Welcome to Celoxis

When you log in to Celoxis the dashboard is the first screen you will see.

By default, we have created some sample projects and prepared your dashboard to help you as a project manager.

    • My Projects gives you an overview of all the projects you are managing.
    • My  Tasks gives you a list of tasks that are assigned to you.
    • Trial Assistant is a help widget with some useful links to jumpstart your projects.
    • Tasks Status gives you a visual overview of the schedule health of all tasks across your projects.
    • Activity Stream is a live stream of updates from all the projects, bugs, issues, etc. that you are a part of so you can see what's been happening across your projects. It also includes task updates, file additions and other activity like comments on work items.

      Your dashboard is fully customizable and you can modify it to suit your purpose.

      The menu on the top of the screen includes all primary actions and serves as primary mode of navigating Celoxis.

    • Add menu -  Add projects, discussions, bugs, or even users if you are an Administrator user.
    • Using the View menu, you can access your projects, tasks, files, bugs, etc.
    • The Reports menu is a list of all your Starred reports and all other reports in your account.
    • Next is the Recent menu from where you can quickly access the last project, task, reports, etc. that you had recently accessed.
    • The ●●● menu is where you will find some sundry actions related to approvals and invoicing.
    • Using the Search bar, you can search for your projects, bugs, and other work items.

      The next 2 options are for your notifications:
    • The  will help you stay updated for all the work items.
    • will show you notifications where you’ve been mentioned and your attention is required.

    • The   is from where you can manage your profile settings, access your Calendar, perform administrative actions and access our help center.

That’s it. Next, we’ll look at how you can invite your team.

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