Getting Started

3. Creating your first project

With your team onboard, let’s dig in and create your first project.

Click on “Start a new project” from the Trial Assistant widget on your dashboard. Alternately, you can also use the Add menu.

Clicking on Save here takes you to the Project’s Gantt Chart.
The Gantt Chart is fully interactive and you can start building your tasklist and project plan.

For the very first time, you will be presented with a dialog, asking you a few questions about the way you work with your projects.

While most of these are self-evident, let’s briefly touch upon the first one.

Mark new tasks I create as "Manually Scheduled” -  Celoxis gives you the flexibility of choosing between automatic and manual scheduling for your tasks. With manually scheduled tasks, you get more control of your task dates while with automatic scheduling, the system calculates the task dates from the task owners work timings, dependencies and constraints. If you are from a Microsoft Project background, you’d already be familiar with automatic scheduling.  
If you keep this box checked, your new tasks will be created as manually scheduled.

With this background you can now start creating tasks, estimating their effort, assigning resources to work on them, and adding dependencies as needed.

Next, we will see how you can access the resource workload and see how your resources are stacked up against their assignments.

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