I have similar running projects. Can I create or define templates for such projects?

You will need to designate certain project plans as templates. This can be done using a separate project state called Template. 

  1. Create a new project state: Template. You can create project states from the Administration section (needs Admin privileges). Keep this state in 'Planning' Stage and disallow time logging. The reason why we recommend this approach is because it keeps your template projects separate from your other active projects and does not corrupt your running project reports that are typically in Draft or Active states.
  2. Create a Project Report "Project Templates". This is a tabular report with the following attributes:
    1. Filters - State: Template
    2. Output Columns - Name
      You can also star this report so that it appears under the Reports menu. This report will display all your project templates that you create. 
  3. Create a new project and create its WBS. Keep this project in "Template" state. This is your project template that you can use to create actual projects. This project will appear in the "Project Templates" Report. Similarly, create any additional projects that you want to use as templates and keep them in "Template" state.
  4. Each time when you want to create a similar project from a template, go to the "Project Templates" report. Select the Template and use the "Copy" action from its context menu. 
  5. In the opened dialog, you can give your project a name, start date, and other project attributes. Celoxis will automatically schedule this new project based on the newly entered start date. 
  6. Note: Constraints if any cannot be copied over from a template.