Filter your report data (Currency)

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    Stacy Evans

    Are you able to add in multiple forms of currency in Celoxis: us dollar,  euro, etc? If so, does Celoxis have the capability to convert between multiple forms of currency to be able to show in a report all as one form of currency?

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    Rashmi Likhite

    At the moment it is not possible to enter multiple forms of currency in Celoxis. Hence, the filtering will only happen for the currency you have selected for your company.

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    Mohammed Irfan

    I work on Celoxis tool and under which I have access to one project and in which my task is to update the Naming convention.
    For example: Project name: Sample project
    Task name: SAP R3|Test|
    C task type: Run the file

    Now what I do is: - I login to Celoxis tool -> Sample Project -> I edit the task name as per the C task type "SAP R3|Test Run the file|"

    As we have bulk type of THESE kind of tasks, Manual work is consuming lot of time..

    So I see that Export -Import CSV file feature is available..

    So I have exported this project tasks and updated the tasks as per the naming convention and tried to Import this saved CSV file.
    However, while importing file its doesn't accept it..

    Celoxis tool screen shot.jpg
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    Vardhan Ahire

    Hi Mohammed Irfan,

    Since this query contains information specific to your account, I shall reply you via support ticket.