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Announcement : V5.1 available for Installable customers

Dear Celoxis user,

Celoxis v5.1 is ready for release for you. The key update in this release is the introduction of the Interactive Gantt.

Interactive Gantt features

  • Set/change task dates and task progress.
  • Indent/Outdent tasks for building the WBS.
  • Set dependencies using drag-drop and task progress.
  • Select your columns and edit data within the columns like the current task worksheet.
  • Hide the columns fully to maximize Gantt display.
  • Switch to full-screen mode.
  • Single edit task.
  • Copy/Paste single/multiple tasks.
  •  Assign resources, update progress, request progress updates on single/multiple tasks.

Other features in 5.1

  •  New dependency types FF, SS and SF.
  •  Ability to attach documents to expense items.
  •  Support for IE 9.0.
  •  Ability for customers to have custom login page for Celoxis.

You can watch the video on V5.1 here.

The Interactive Gantt is in Beta mode. This means that the functionality and user interface can change based on user input. In v5.2 we plan to replace the task worksheet with the Gantt. So please send us any suggestions/recommendations through our support desk.

Celoxis Team

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