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Celoxis 6.5 released (SaaS Customers only)

Our 6.5 release comes bundled with list of features you have always wanted:

  • Mark your time and expense entries as 'Invoiced'

    • You can know exactly what entries have been handled by your accounting system and prevent potential invoicing errors.

  • New billing option - 'User Based Billing'

    • In addition to the existing service or time-code based billing, you can now choose to bill your clients on resource rates.

    • With estimated billing indicator you can also get a quick preview of your project revenue.

  • Seamlessly print your WBS and gantt

    • You can now print your project plan effortlessly. And it's even better when you can fit it to your preferred page width and grab it from the printer while you rush for your next meeting.

  • An improved and faster 'Interactive Gantt'
    • With a 200% performance improvement, you can now effortlessly work with projects containing thousands of tasks.
  • And your old favorite, the 'Worksheet' behavior is back

    • You've asked for it, we acknowledged! The Excel type worksheet mode is now available within our interactive gantt. You can make multiple in-line edits and choose when you want to save them all.

    • We have introduced keyboard shortcuts to allow you to do common tasks (like add a new task) with just a few key strokes.

See our Release Notes


'On-Premise' folks, we are working diligently to get these invaluable features out to you at the earliest.

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Comments 4

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    PO Dx Studio

    Wonderful work so far. You have always been reasonable and professional, please keep that image on.


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  • Avatar
    Priyesh Modi

    any idea when this will go to the on-site users that have celoxis installed? some features were taken away which I hear are coming back and so we're really in need for this.

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  • Avatar
    Kevin Roods

    Agreed.  Simple features like the ability to press the enter key to log on are sorely missed.  Seems trivial, but trust me, every day I hit enter and grumble as grab the mouse to click Login.

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  • Avatar
    Rashmi Likhite

    We have now released the v6.5.1 version which is a bundled release with v6.5. For release notes, refer here.

    You should receive a mail about this soon.

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