Celoxis 6.5 released (SaaS Customers only)




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    PO Dx Studio

    Wonderful work so far. You have always been reasonable and professional, please keep that image on.


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    Priyesh Modi

    any idea when this will go to the on-site users that have celoxis installed? some features were taken away which I hear are coming back and so we're really in need for this.

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    Kevin Roods

    Agreed.  Simple features like the ability to press the enter key to log on are sorely missed.  Seems trivial, but trust me, every day I hit enter and grumble as grab the mouse to click Login.

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    Rashmi Likhite

    We have now released the v6.5.1 version which is a bundled release with v6.5. For release notes, refer here.

    You should receive a mail about this soon.

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