v8.0 release on Saturday May 24, 2014 (SaaS Customers only)




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    Katarzyna Wardzala

    Hi, is there a chance to see the preview of the changes before they go live?

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    Onaje Lott

    The update now forces all task to show if you Auto Fill your timesheet. This takes the control from the user to copy the previous more relevant week's timesheet. Why was the Copy Hours and Task feature removed?

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    Sanket Pai

    The Auto Fill option (if checked) pre-fills your weekly timesheet with 15 most relevant work items (tasks and project processes) using the following algorithm:

    •  Work Items on which you have already filled time in this week, followed by,
    • Work Items on which time has been filled last week and are still incomplete, followed by, 
    • Other Work Items that are active in the last 2 weeks.

    This brings up the most relevant work items on which you would ideally be filling your weekly hours.  Any specific reason why this does not work for you?


    Thank you,


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    Stacy Evans

    Is this the full list of features to be added with this update? Will there be any addition to the expenses in Celoxis? I am look for a way to manage the mark-up from the cost to the bill rate. I had submitted a forum request a few months ago.

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    Sanket Pai


    You seem to have commented on a dated post. Your request is still active in our feature request forum. 

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