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Celoxis v10 released for SaaS customers

You can now login and check out the new features.


Happy Weekend,

Celoxis Support Team.

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    Lushin Dmitriy

    Can you please bring back old red/green/yellow/purple status dots instead of boxes?

    Now it takes extra space and becomes harder to understand.

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    Sanket Pai


    Thank you for your comment. The new-look badges are nowadays a common way to highlight important content such as status. However, I do not necessarily agree that they take up more space than the older traffic light indicators. Attached are the 2 visuals of a project report showing the same Budget Status column, one from v9.6 and other from v10.  They take the same space and I am not sure as to why you'd find them harder to understand.  

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    Sanket Pai

    We have improved the visibility of the fonts in our status badges. This will be available tomorrow as part of our daily builds. Hope this makes them easier to read and understand.