Product Releases

Release Notes v11.5

The v11.5 version brings in a lot of new features and performance improvements for your reports.

Feature Updates:

  • Resizable widgets on Dashboard: Now drag, drop and resize the widgets on your dashboard and design your own layouts. You are no longer restricted to the two-column layout.
  • Metric Reports: Metric reports released for Projects and Apps - use these to report on your KPIs.
  • Resizable columns on Reports: One of the top requested feature; you can resize columns for best fit. You can also drag-drop to arrange them differently.
  • Improvements to Tabular Reports: The column header will now stay fixed while you scroll down your data.
  • Performance improvements for reports.


Changes / Fixes:

  • Dashboard widgets will default to some specific height and proportionate width on Go Live. 
  • Only the user with 'Edit' privileges can resize and change the layout of the dashboard which will be applied to all users. In the current version, a user who could 'Edit' the dashboard , could add widget/report to it. So, keeping the same logic, the edit privileges are checked when resizing the layout.
  • You can now add 6 normal (Tabular, charts, etc.) and 4 metric reports to the dashboard.

Bug Fixes: