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v12.0 Release Notes

This release brings in significant changes to the overall UI of Celoxis i.e from the layout, navigation, to the way data is displayed making it more modern, efficient and most importantly light-weight.


For details on the changes refer here.

New Changes

  • The main menu had moved from top to the left. This menu can also be expanded/collapsed too. The menu items are also restructured now so that the frequently accessed items are brought out. The sub-menus are then available on mouse-over.
  • The Page header (top-left) will dynamic and will show the actions related to the page you currently are on. So, you will first see the page title followed by the actions.
  • The top-right part will now have the brand new action to add your project, task, fill timesheets, Risks, etc. Some of the items may lead to additional choices. For e.g particular the New Project will ask you to make different selection for creating the project which you earlier saw on mouse-over.
  • The new and modern Search function is re-done making it open in full width eventually loading the similar search results.
  • Changes to the Dashboard: 
    • A brand new way to add reports to your dashboard.
    • The new way with which the promotable filters are shown saving your space and allowing more data to be visible.
    • The portlet action are now on the left part immediately after the report/dashboard name and under the 3-dot menu.
    • Changes to the way the scroll bars are displayed. As opposed to the prominent scroll bars in current version, the new scrollbar will appear only on mouse over and once you attempt the scrolling action.
    • The new dynamic icons in the metric report depicting the Goal/Threshold of your metric measured.
  • New way to see that data displayed when you click in your chart reports. When you drill-down, the chart will open a Quickview panel and the chart itself will be re-displayed at the top of the panel.
  • A complete make-over to the Quick View earlier known as slide Panel is also significant. For a project view, a graphical representation - timeline of the project which highlights the upcoming milestones. 
    • A Task Status widget showing the overview of the task with their current status.
    • Cost and Revenue widgets giving you an visual indication of their status.
    • Each widget for your Bugs, Risks, etc highlighting the high priority ones followed by details of the project organized in a much better way.
    • All the menu items are organized in a much better way.
    • Better way of viewing your Project Views.
  • The Task's quick view is also synonymous to the project view. A different way to show that a task is a milestone task. On this panel itself, the History section organized in a much better way to show the task communication. You can now attach documents when adding comments now.
  • A new way to style your text i.e the HTML Editor which is now available once you select the text giving you more space for the actual content.
  • You can simple drag-drop files to Tasks, discussions, bugs, all the File-type custom fields.
  • A fresh look to the way you see your discussions; something similar to the modern social media apps we are now used to. It is now reshaped into a beautiful timeline view with user icons thumbnails and other attachments.
  • The Activity Stream report now rewamped with a different pattern- nicely laid-out timeline complete with icons and user avatars.
  • A substantial change to the view of your bugs, risks, etc. The modern UI with the details organized in a much better way. Adding to this is the unique feature; the “Workflow" section which will visually tell you exactly where your app in its lifecycle.
  • Changes to the ‘All Reports’ panel making it more intuitive to search for reports, see the report grouped by their type with visual elements to differentiate between client shared reports, scheduled reports, etc.
  • For tabular reports, resizing columns, changing the order, is available on mouse-over giving a more focused look at your data.
  • Complete new look to the Administration page. The layout is friendlier and in-line with the updated modern design of the site.
  • A brand new Trial Assistant wizard to help on board your users.
  • A very modern pleasing color palette througout the system giving a good visual effect.
  • Overallocation indicator on tasks indicating that the resource(s) on the task is over allocated on the task. 
  • A Project Timeline report which highlight the milestone tasks in your project. This can also be added to dashboard now.

Changed Features

  • A Time Phased report with output columns: Planned Effort or Planned Capacity can now be added to dashboard.
  • A report with output type 'Gantt' can be added to dashboard.
  • The Starred report list will now show 10 reports.
  • The Calendar has been moved under the user icon on top-right.
  • Since you can now expand/collapse the LHS menu, you can upload a much better logo.
  • Add your profile pic by simply dragging-dropping your image.
  • HTML editor now visible once you select the text


Discontinued items:

  • Support for IE 11 browser.

Bug Fixes


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