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V12.0 Preview Live!

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What's New

This is it! The much-awaited release is out with its preview :-)

This release brings in significant changes to the overall UI of Celoxis i.e from the layout, navigation, to the way data is displayed making it more modern, efficient and most importantly light-weight.

For more information, please refer our Release notes.

NOTE: The data on the preview site is 2-3 days old and isn't the current replica of your live data.

image.png  IMPORTANT

  • The server configuration which runs the preview is not the same as our production server and hence you will observe some slowness in performance. This is not the real reflection of how the actual release is.
  • With this release, support for IE 11 browser is discontinued. Switch to Microsoft Edge if you are required to use a Microsoft browser.





We would love to hear your feedback too! Drop an email to with your comments.

Best Regards,
Celoxis Team.

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