Product Updates

Update: Enhacements & Bug Fixes (18 Oct 2019)

We are happy to announce a few enhancements that we've recently released. 

Card View (Kanban)

  • Tasks can now be automatically marked as completed when they are dragged to a specific lane in the card view. Read More.


  • Can fetch multiple ids at once by specifying comma-separated ids. For example,,2,3,4 will fetch the list of tasks with ids 1 to 4.
  • In tasks API GET request, its updates are returned as well if you use expand=updates in the URL.


  • Instead of trying to maintain a 1:1 aspect ratio, the calendar now tries its best to fit the height to the screen thus avoiding the scrollbar.

Microsoft Project Import

  • Fixed the bug where a manually scheduled task was being imported as an auto-scheduled task.
  • A milestone in Microsoft Project with duration more than 0 days are now imported as a milestone with duration set to 0

Bug Fixes

  • The planned cost of summary tasks is now correctly updated after cost rate changes for a leaf task.

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