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I am a manager of a project, yet another resource sees the same project in the 'Projects [Managed by me] reports'. Please advice.

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    Pramod Jaiswal

    The other resource must be playing the secondary manager role in your project. 

    •  Go to the project. On the project details page, Click 'More Actions'. Under that select 'Set Role Memberships'. 
    • Under 'Assignment by Role' tab, check the role 'Project Manager'. 
    • Check here if there are 2 managers If yes, you will have to un-assign him from the role if you do not want him to see the project.
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    Chris Jacques

    This is similar to https://celoxis.zendesk.com/requests/2840.  When I manually go into the individual project and add the user per the above, the user can see the project and edit resources as suggested.  However, how can I do this automatically with every project??

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    Rashmi Likhite

    In such a case, you need to set security at company level so that your user can see and edit resources (here I assume you mean the assignment of resources on tasks).

    Grant the View and Edit project privilege to the role your user is playing in the company. If the user belongs to any specific department, he will be able to view/edit projects belonging to that department. If you want the user to view edit all projects in the application irrespective to the department, you need to assign him to All Department with a role where the Edit/view permission is granted.

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    PO Dx Studio

    I would like to have a user that can login and see only one project and all the resources that are booked only on this project please advice.

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    Rashmi Likhite

    In Celoxis, the security is set per roles (not user) and according to the department and role privileges an action can be granted or denied for the user.

    So, if you want to achieve that a user should only see one project, you need to follow the steps below :

    1. Create a role say 'Special View' or any other suitable name. Assign the user to play this role (edit user and assign the new role).
    2. Keep all the privileges 'Unspecified' for this role at Company level.
    3. Now, suppose there are 2 projects - Test 1 and Test 2. You want this user to only view Test 2; not Test 1.
    4. So, at the object level of this project (Test 2), grant 'View' privilege to this role. Do the same for Task permissions.
    5. Then, you need to Deny the View project and Task permission in Test 1. Basically Deny the permission for all other projects which you do not want the user to do.

    Hope this helps. If you still have any queries, let me know.

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