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Logging in to Celoxis via a custom login page


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    Christer Blomqvist

    I\ve just implemented this and it works fine. However, when a user logs off the application they are returned to the deafult login page and not my customized. How can I change the configuration to adress logouts to my customized page_

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    Vardhan Ahire

    I have passed on the log-off issue to my engineering team and they are looking into it.We will get in touch with you once we have any updates regarding this.

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    Victoria Heah


    I will be making the similar customization as Christer. Can you advise if his problem has been addressed and what is the solution?



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    Vardhan Ahire

    The implementation of a custom logout page is under technical design consideration. Once I hear something concrete on this from our technical architects and engineering team, I shall update this thread. We plan to include this in one of our future releases.

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