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Unique Project ID

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    Lisa Dancewicz

    At project set up, every project is assigned a System I.D.

    You will be able to find this If you refer to the  "project Details" page, Also, If you have all the projects listed on your dashboard; you can add a field "System I.D"

    (I hope this helps). Not sure why Celoxis support hasn't responded to you on this one, but i've attached screen shots.

    You will see a "system I.D" (in this case "87700" ) for one of the projects.

    System ID.doc
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    Lois Compton

    Thanks Lisa.  I've seen the System ID that you are referring to.  Our issue with it is that it is not possible to add this to any reports that we create, or so it seems.   So for example if we want to create a report of expenses by project and send it to the bookkeeper, we don't have a unique identifier in that report.   It seems that it would be easy for them to make the System ID a reportable field, but not sure why it hasn't been done or if they're even considering it.  Thanks again for your note though - much appreciated!

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    Rashmi Likhite

    The System ID field of a project is reportable. If you create an expense report, under Available Columns select P: System ID.

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