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Role Privileges issues

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    Rashmi Likhite

    There must be some role that the user is playing in Celoxis for which the 'Delete' privilege will be denied explicitly and hence, the user is not able to delete task. Keep this permission unspecified to overcome this.

    For more on security, refer the link below :


    Please see the link below for some tips :


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    Eric Guillemin

    I am still having the same issues. 

    I have used a different license with the same configuration but nothing changes. i rebooted the application, nothing changes. I am sure that this has to do with some misconfiguration of the access rights  but I can't figure out where am I wrong

    Here are some screen shots of all Company / Object : Project / Object : Task rights and User's roles and the error that occurs when deleting a task.


    Please advise on way forward !

    Company - Time & Expenses.jpg
    Object - Task.jpg
    User's Role 2.jpg
    Error when deleting task.JPG
    Company - Company Admin.jpg
    User's Role 1.jpg
    Company - Project.jpg
    Company - Task.jpg
    Object - Project.jpg
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    Blend Izouli

    It seems that as a "Manager" of the project (in Project \ edit) the user's membership is by default "Project Manager" (full rights) and "Project Team" (no deleting rights). Since it is the Manager the "Project Team" membership can't be removed.

    Is it possible to modify the effect of the Manager status (i.e. to register only as "Project Manager")?

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    Rashmi Likhite

    @ Eric Guillemin : You have denied the 'Delete' task privilege for the 'Project Team' role. when you add a user to a project, he automatically becomes the part of the project team. Hence, your user will not be able to delete the task. You should keep this privilege 'Unspecified' for the Project team role (Under the 'Task' tab).

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    Rashmi Likhite

    @ Blend Izouli : When you assign a user as a Manager, he automatically becomes the part of the Project Team. Hence, you should keep all the privileges 'Unspecified' for this roles; unless you want otherwise. Now, when your PM will try to delete a task, he will be able to delete it (as he has been granted it exclusively) but, a user from Project team will not be able to as the privilege is unspecified at 'Project Team' role.

    This is solve your issue.

    If you still have any issues/concerns, please open a separate support ticket with details,

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