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Urgent: Can't open weekly time sheet due to bad filter condition

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    Manasi Erande

    <Any> is not an valid option on the page as it will try to fetch all projects and tasks in your application making the its slower.

    To resolve the issue, follow the steps below:

    1. In the address bar type URL https://app.celoxis.com/psa/person.uprefs.wm
    2. Currently, the value of the parameter 'up.filter.timesheet.task.range' will be set to <Any>. You need to set some range in this
    3. You can set the value to -3m to This Week and save i.e
      up.filter.timesheet.task.range=-3m to This Week

      To do so enter up.filter.timesheet.task.range in the 'Key' box and in the 'Value' box enter -3m to This Week and save.
    4. Now try to access the 'Weekly Time' page.
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    Mikael Edgren

    Perfect, thank you. Won't enter <any> again, I promise ;)

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