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Can I replace the project by re-importing the project file?

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    Manasi Erande

    Yes, you can import the project back into Celoxis after making some changes in MS Project. When importing the MPP file again for the project, it will ask you if you want to keep the original tasks or want to copy only the tasks in the MPP file.

    Hope this clears your doubt.


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    Lily Ooi


    I tried to search for function that allowing me to import MPP file but I could not find it anywhere except when I click New Project>Import Microsoft Project. I do not think this is the right steps as it led me to fill up as if it is new project again. Can you please point me the right menu where I can find the import file function that my main objective is to replace the existing version of the project MPP file. Thanks! 

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    Rashmi Likhite

    You will find the option from the 'More Actions' drop-down of the project. See attached screenshot.

    Import Project.jpg
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    Lily Ooi

    Thank you. I have got the steps.

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