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How to cancel or remove a project from Celoxis?

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    Celoxis Support

    You can either Archive your project (change the phase from On Hold to Archived)
    Alternately, you can delete the project if you are very certain you will not require it. Go to the project, and under More Actions, you can choose Delete.

    Please note that deleting a project will permanently delete all tasks, time entries, expenses, emails, folders and documents for that project. Once deleted this information cannot be retrieved.

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    Lily Ooi


    I am not able to Delete due to insufficient right. See messages below. I am owner of this project. Does it mean I need system administrator to do so (to delete)? 

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    Celoxis Support

    Yes, Delete Project is a privilege. If that has not been granted, you will have to request a person with Admin access to delete the same.

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