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How to create a task in Celoxis via email and an event for the same in my Google Calendar at a same time?

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    Rashmi Likhite

    You need to create a mail (Gmail) which is in the format of creating task via email and add an 'Invitation' to the mail to create a Google event. The users you add to 'Cc' will be invited to the event and will be automatically added to the task created in Celoxis.
    Follow the steps to add event and task :-

    •  In Google Mail, click 'Compose Mail' to create a new message.

    •  In the 'To' field copy the postman address found on your Settings > Company > Under Section 'Projects & Tasks'.

    •  In the Subject enter the following format :-
                         Taskname[Project:Project Name][Start:Date][Finish:Date]
      (Substitute the appropriate values for Project name, Task name, Start and finish date )

    •  In the 'Cc' fields add the resource name. The user is by default assigned 100% to the new task.

    •  Whether you include invitees in the CC:, or BCC: fields, all recipients of the email will be added as invitees to the event.

    •  Select the “Insert: Invitation” link, found below the Subject: field.

    •  Fill in the event details in the Invitation window that appears.

    •  Click Insert Invitation. A preview of the invitation appears in your email message. If you prefer, you can add other content to the email before sending.

    • Click Send.

    This will create a task in Celoxis and an event in Google calendar for you.

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