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How to add generic/un-licensed users?

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    Rashmi Likhite

    To create non - human or unlicensed user, you need add user without login and password. If you have already added any user and now you want to make it unlicensed user, then just edit the user and clear the login and password of that user.

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    Victoria Heah


    Can you provide step by step instructions how to create generic users (used for development box testing purposes)? Currently I have set the LDAP integration, and when I go into Edit for any user I am unable to change or do anything with the password fields as it is greyed out. Do I:

    1) Disable LDAP

    2) At this point, do I just login with my username and leave the password to be blank?

    3) Enter and then Edit the profile to set the new generic password.


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