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Our Active User count has exceeded Licensed Users

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    Celoxis Support

    Login as the user 'Administrator' (NOTE: Not a user with admin accesss, but login = Administrator. If you do not know the password, please raise a support ticket)
    Click on "View License Information" under Settings --> Company
    If your Active User count has exceeded your Licensed User count you have one of 2 options
    1. Purchase more user licenses --- click on 'Add More Users'  OR 
    2. Archive some of your existing users to reduce active users to licensed users

    You can only archive a user provided he/she has no open projects, tasks or processes assigned to them and is not defined as a state manager on a process. Else you have to first 're-assign' their work items to another user before you archive them.
    Alternately, if you remove the login/password of a user making them a 'generic resource', they will not be counted against the licenses.

    For more information please read this 

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