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formula linked to drop down list

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    Rashmi Likhite

    Yes, this is possible. Follow the steps below to achieve this :

    1) Create a custom field for your task type (of type Single Select drop-down) with the 3 values. Lets say, the formula key of this field is task_type which I will require in my formula below.

    2) Now create a formula custom field for task (Earned Value) with the following formula :

    ${task.task_type == 'Logistic' ? (task.estimatedCost/(1 - margin)):' ' || task.task_type == 'Engineering' ? (task.estimatedCost):' ' || task.task_type == 'Delivarable' ? (task.estimatedCost/(1+markup)):' '}

    I do not know what your mark-up and margin field are. You can substitute those values or custom field reference here instead.


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