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I have 2 resources with different working calendar. One resource works for 7 hours per day and the other for 8 hours. I have assigned both resource 100% on a task with 3 day duration. But system pushes the task finish date to next day.

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    Manasi Erande

    Since you want to allocate the same workload between two resources according to their working time and complete the task with in 3 days, then you enter work as 45h instead of 48h.
          For resource with 7 hour/day calendar it is
          7 * 3 = 21 and
          For resource with 8 hour/day calendar it is
          8 *3 = 24h.
          So, 21 + 24 = 45h
    Once you enter the work and allocate both user as 100%, duration of the task will get calculated automatically. Now, if you run       your Resource load chart, resource with 7 hour/day will work 7h for 3 days and other resource will work 8 h and your task will finish on end of the third day as you want

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