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While working with the application we completed tasks but still system shows project % complete as 0.

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    Manasi Erande

    The % complete of the project gets calculated with the formula:

    Percent complete of a project = (w1 × p1 + w2 × p2+...) ÷ (w1 + w2+...)

    where1 and 2 are its tasks and p is the percentage complete of topmost task and w is the estimated hours of that task on a project.
    In your case, you might not have selected the option 'Auto calculate % complete of summary tasks from child tasks.'
    This means that, system does not calculate % complete and work (estimated hours of the summary task ) automatically. You need to enter the work required and % complete of the summary task based on its child task.

    Therefore, although some of your tasks are completed (100%) and you have not entered work as well as % complete against its summary task, from above formula, system calculates the % complete of the project like

    (0 × 0 + 0 × 0+...) ÷ (0 + 0+...) = 0%

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