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Effective dates on billing/cost rates

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    Sanket Pai

    Hello Stacy,

    I totally understand your concern. The effective dates (or maintaining rate history) feature that we offered till version 6.0 was only faintly used. Furthermore it added a lot of complexity and technical challenges when we introduced user based billing with version 6.5 and plan to introduce more billing models in the future. This was a conscious trade-off we had to make as we weighed the value of retaining rate history versus provide more billing flexibility and options to our users.
    From what I understand is that you wish to enter upcoming rates for future projects. Though this does not solve or address your immediate disappointment, with version 6.5.1, we are offering a bulk edit functionality for time entries reports where you can manually update rates in bulk. Also when a rate change happens in the application, the system will not automatically (or silently) update the rates for any existing time entries.
    We are planning to release v6.5.1  in the second week of November for all our SaaS and Product customers.

    Thank you for your continued support.

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    PO CCx Studio

    Hi Support 

    I have noticed this strange behaviour in the New Celoxis that if the Project manager enters the a new project in the system which is already in progress and adds the resource, the cost rate is only applicable to calculate for future dates. For example if project A has started in March and is only entered in the system in April, and the new resources are added in the system in April, the custom calculations that involve Cost which shows our profitability starts working from the date when the Cost per resource was entered moving forward. This is problematic as it now gives us an inaccurate picture for the future and profitability of our projects. I have attached one more screenshot to illustrate the impact this has on the projects. The previous version had the effective date which gave us the option to back date cost rates form our resources. This is so important in our organisation. This screenshot Project profitability display that . I hope you understand that we make key decisions regarding escalations on projects on this information.


    Emmanuel Sibanda (LRMG)

    Effective dates for cost rates in Celoxis 5.x.png
    Cost rate effective date impact on our projects.PNG
    project profitability.PNG
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    Manasi Erande

    Hello Emmanuel,

    Let me reiterate the problem you are facing:
    Estimated cost of the task and project or custom fields calculated based on estimates cost are not being calculated correctly if you define resource cost in between task's duration
    For example, If tasks starts on1st and finishes on 10th and I define resource cost on 5th, it calculates estimated cost of the task from 5th onwards.

    Based on this understanding, I tried the same steps at my end and it is showing correct estimated cost.

     To help me resolve your problem,

    • Can you share exact steps with us?
    • From screen shots, I can see that you have created some custom fields. May I know which system defined fields you have used for your formula field? It would be helpful if you could share your formulas with us?

    If you are not able to share the above information on the community forum, I request you to open a support ticket.

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