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Be notified when project is created

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    Manasi Erande

    Hi Rachel,

    Currently Celoxis doesn't send such notifications.

    However I would like to know a bit more on this, 

    • Do you wish to be notified only at the time of project creation? What sort of information/level of details do you seek from this notification?
    • Are you going to be actively involved in these projects as a secondary project manager and seek all project level notifications?

    Your responses to above questions will help to elaborate your requirement so that I can forward them to my product team.

    Thank you!

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    Rachel Crofut

    Thank you, Manasi!

    In this particular case, I would just like to be notified that a project has been created. All I would need to know is the title - I could then go in and check any further details that I would need to, but right now I'm worried something will fall under the radar.

    In terms of being a secondary project manager, that's not what I'm looking for here, but if it's something I need to do I believe that can be handled by going to More -> Resources -> Add a Resource, correct?

    Thanks again!

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