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Other data formating for reports

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    Also, within processes, there's the ability to add Subscribers. The data for subscribers is within the ticket.

    Is there any way to pull that data into a report within Celoxis?

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    Rashmi Likhite

    Regarding the initial request, at the moment, you cannot do it via API. However, I do not quite understand your use case behind this. Can you elaborate it for better understanding?

    For second request, as I understand you want to pull the subscribers information for an app item in a report which at the moment is not available. I will however, have this request forwarded to my engineering team and see if this can be done.

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    In reference to the first use case that I had mentioned, I had asked a question about a year ago regarding the history of a process.

    I created an App called "Ticket" where requests to certain department requests are made.

    In each "ticket" the history is recorded at the bottom of the page where State Change, Assignee Change and Comments are stored.

    I asked how this can be used within reporting and I was told that the "Updates (All)" column would be the best and only way to have a "ticket" history within reports..

    The use case for the parsing of the "Updates (All)" column is to break down the data that's stored to a granular level. Basically, I would lie to have the state change stored as a column, who made the change and the date and time. This data would then be used further in a separate database where we could create custom reporting using a separate piece of software that we are working on creating.

    In all, we would like to use the output download from reporting to create our own custom reports besides using HTML or CSV.

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