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"Printing" Gantt Report

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    Kaustubh Mahabal

    You can export the gantt report to a PDF. You can use the Print functionality for this. For steps, please refer below mentioned link:


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    Paul Bertram

    OK, Thanks, Kaustubh, that was pretty obvious. I have a couple follow-up questions:]

    The paper size selection shows only the ISO paper sizes and the American "Legal" size.

    1.  Can I add other sizes or create custom sizes?
    2. Why can't I print an ISO (e.g. A2) PDF? When I pick one of the ISO sizes, the system creates a zero-byte (empty) PDF file. 
    3. How can I "Zoom Out" so the Labels on the Gantt chart bars are not cut off on the left side?
    4. Is there a way to force the PDF to NOT cut through one of the task lines? usually, the page split cuts through the center of the task description and I can't read it on either page.

    Thanks fo the help,


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    Kaustubh Mahabal

    Hi Paul,

    To address these questions I have opened a separate support ticket on your behalf. Lets continue the further discussion over the ticket.

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    Karina Kubota

    Where does the PDF get saved? under which  name?

    My computer could not find it anywhere.

    Not able to access the print link posted above. 

    Thank you!

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    Rashmi Likhite

    The PDF is automatically downloaded to your 'Downloads' folder with the name of your report or project.

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