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Start date not being updated

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    Vardhan Ahire

    1. When "Tasks should start when all predecessors are complete" project option is checked and the predecessor is marked 100% complete prior to its Finish date, then only the Start date of successor task will be moved to the date of completion of the predecessor.

    2. The above mentioned behavior will be for only Auto Scheduled tasks. For Manually Scheduled tasks, Celoxis does not alter the dates specified by the user. Hence make sure that the task is Auto Scheduled.

    3. Start and Start(Actual) are two separate attributes. Start(Actual) will not capture change in start date, rather it is used to capture the date on which the task's progress was updated. You can choose it when Updating Progress of the task, however, by default it will populate the Start of the task.

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    Michael Dial

    Thanks so much, this clears things up, and once again thanks for the swift response!

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