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Checklist/Tasks Customization, Revision and Traceability

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    Sanket Pai

    Hello Sergio,

    We do not have checklists for tasks in Celoxis. However, I'd like to understand this in more details so we can see to what extent we can suggest solutions (if any). Can you share some examples on what sort of customization are you looking at? Also, will help if you give me some context about Global, Region, Site, etc. and explain in more details on what you mean about points 2., 3., and 4.

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    William Toh

    Hi Sanket,

    1) Tasks Customization means we can pre-define certain tasks or questions (by categories) in the Celoxis and auto-populate when the PM launch a project from a set of requirements. For example, if a project is launched from America under customer ABCD who is a medical company and follows ISO13485 as regulatory requirement, we will get all the pre-defined questions assigned under:

    i) America,

    ii) Customer ABCD,

    iii) Medical

    iv) ISO13485


    2) & 3) Revision tracking and control means the questions have revision controlled and every change will come with approval process including tracking of why it was change, when it was change.

    4) Some of the categories in a project is deemed as mandatory to be filled inorder to determine the scope of the project as well as populating pre-defined questions/tasks.

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