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Lessons Learned Database

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    Rashmi Likhite

    Yes, from your initial concern, Apps seems best to address this.

    Set up:

    • Create an App with a suitable name, for e.g. "Lessons Learned".
      • Keep the "Initially  Assign To"(basic tab) as - Prompt for User -
      • Create 2 states for e.g. Open and Close.
      • Create 1 workflow from Open to Close; call it "Close" for sake of simplicity. In the workflow, keep the 'Assign To' field as 'Unchanged'.
    • Now, if you only want the PM or your Approvers to initiate this app item, then set the security (Access Control > Apps) such that the 'Add' privilege is granted to only these 2 roles (assuming Approvers is a user-defined role) and is unspecified for rest.
    • You need to create custom fields for Region, Site, Customer, Site, Process, Equipment, Technology, etc. and attach it to 'App'. These can be single select pick lists with your desired range of values.
    • Create another custom field (of Date type) 'Date Adjusted'. This needs to be attached to Action = Lessons Learned > Close. This way the assignee/owner can enter this date when closing the item.

    Using this App:

    1. When initiating an app item, assign it to the appropriate owner. By default, it is populated with name of the user initiating this.
      You can fill the details about the custom fields. E.g Lessons Learned for a particular Region or Site, etc.
    2. After the app item is created, the assignee/owner can keep adding comments, files, etc.
    3. After the data input is done for this lesson, the assignee/owner can perform the "Close" action and enter the "Date Adjusted".
    4. You can create a report for this with the custom fields, created, etc date set as your prompt filters so that you can search/gather data for the required fields.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out in case you have doubts.

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    Sergio Tellez

    Thanks for the support.I think this is enough to create the lessons learned database.


    It is possible to make mandatory for PMs to use a custom app in a project?

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    Kaustubh Mahabal

    Currently it s not possible to make mandatory for PMs to use a custom app in a project.

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    William Toh


    1) Are we able to pre-defined the content in the filters? Eg. Under the Process filter, we will have a drop down window which contain the pre-defined processes such as Inspection, Functional Test, Baking, etc.

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    Sergio Tellez

    William, for your question, your answer is yes.

    In Celoxis you can define a custom field as a drop down list, and define the elements of this list.

    Then, you can filter by any element of the list.


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