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EU Update - Steps to follow after migration

The migration will happen on 10th March for all our EU customers who have opted for this move. While the migration itself will be seamless, a few things will require your action to ensure everything keeps running smoothly.

Note: This is only for our customers who have opted to host their data on EU servers. Rest everyone can keep working as-is.

Depending on the features you use, you should follow one or more steps after the migration is complete.


Accessing Celoxis with the New Server URL

The Celoxis app will no longer work with the old URL for EU, i.e
The new URL will be Please update your bookmark to use the new URL.


Reconnecting Single Sign-On (SSO)

You'll need to re-establish the connection depending on your IdP server (Azure, ADFS, Google, etc.)

  • The ACS URL under Celoxis Admin > Company Information > Single Sign-On will change. Copy the new URL to use in the IdP setup.
  • Access
  • Under Setting up your IDP section select the tab as per your IdP server.
  • Edit your SAML app for Celoxis and use the new URL.
  • Restart the IdP service if required.

Reconnecting to Zapier

Your zaps will fail after the EU migration due to the URL change. To fix this, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Apps page from the LHS menu.
  • In the list, you will find the Celoxis app. Click the app.
  • In the Connections tab for that app, click the three-dot icon next to the app connection.
  • In the dropdown menu, click Reconnect.
  • A new browser tab or window will open. 
  • In the new pop-up, you will need:
  • Access Token - Generate this from the API documentation after logging in using the new URL.
  • Server URL - Paste the following:
  • The app account will be reconnected for all Zaps that use it.

Reconnecting QuickBooks Online (QBO)

  • After you log in to Celoxis using the new URL, navigate to Admin.
  • Click on the "Disconnect from QuickBooks Online" option.
  • After the page reloads, click 'Connect with QuickBooks Online' and follow the next steps.

Integration using our API

Please redirect all your API calls to

Custom Login page

Please turn the URL to

We are here to help you transition smoothly to the new server. If you have queries, contact our customer success team for assistance.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.