Product Updates

Kanban board now integrates with traditional project management

There was a long-standing demand for the integration between the drag-n-drop functionality on the Kanban board and the percent complete of tasks. Specifically, when a task is dragged to a certain column on the Kanban board it should be automatically marked as 100% complete.

You’ve spoken, we’ve listened!

To set this up, log in as a user with administrator privilege and go to Administration > Project Management > Project Options. You should see a field called Final State in Kanban. Select the column in which you want the task to be marked as 100% complete and save.

In the following example, we have selected Kanban State > Done. You can select any other custom field that you use for your card view. This means that when the Kanban State custom field of a task is set to Done, the task will automatically be marked as 100% complete. This can be done by the end-user either by drag-n-drop in the card view or by editing the task and setting the Kanban State field to Done.

Project Options

Naturally, if a task is marked 100% complete, its Kanban State will be automatically set to Done.

Also, if the custom field of a completed task is modified to anything other than Done, its percent complete will be reverted to the previous value. Similarly, if the percent complete of a completed task is set to anything other than 100%, its Kanban State field will be set to the previous value.

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